Classification And Common Structure of Paper Gift Boxes

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Every holiday, no matter which supermarket you enter, you will see a wide range of gifts(in paper gift boxes), colorful, and different in shape. The first thing that catches consumers’ eyes is the packaging of these gifts. For this reason, major businesses continue to innovate in packaging. And the purpose is to make their products stand out among many competing products.

Let’s take the most common paper gift box as an example to talk about the classification, common structure, and production process of paper gift boxes.

Paper Gift Box Classification:

  1. Classified by surface material
  • Paper: including gold and silver cardboard, pearl paper, various art papers, etc.
  • Leather: Including genuine leather, imitation leather PU, etc.
  • Fabric: Including a variety of cotton and linen texture fabrics, etc.
  1. According to the scope of the application
  • Daily chemicals: mainly used in cosmetics, perfumes, etc.
  • Liquor: Mainly used in liquor, red wine, and whisky.
  • Food: mainly used in chocolate and health food.
  • Tobacco: Mainly used in high-end premium cigarettes.
  • Digital electronics: mainly used in mobile phone accessories, tablet computer accessories, etc.
  • Jewelry: Mainly used in any kinds of jewelry: ring, necklace, bangle, earrings.

Common Structure of Paper Gift Box:

top and bottom box

1. Top and Bottom Box

The top & bottom boxes have a top box and a bottom box. Generally, the bottom box is covered by the top box to form a complete box.

magnetic closure book box

2. Book shaped box

The book-shaped box has an outer box and an inner box. The outer box wraps the inner box, and the bottom of the inner box is glued to the back wall of the outer box. The upper part of the unbonded outer box is openable, and it looks like a hardcover book.

puller out drawer box

3. Drawer box

A box type with a drawer that you could pull the drawer out when opening it. It is very convenient to open the drawer box when using it.

foldable gift box

4. Folding box

A Gray board is used as the skeleton, and coated paper or other paper is used for pasting. The gray board is left a certain distance at the bending position, and the flat box is unfolded into a solid shape when used. It can be folded freely and can save packaging and logistics costs after folding. It is a very practical box type.

5. Round box

The box type is round or elliptical, and the structure normally includes a top box and a bottom box.

6. Other special-shaped boxes

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