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We will provide you with a free packaging structure design to start the process.

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Packaging Structure Design

Our engineer will provide you with the appropriate packaging structure according to your product size and weight, and the product industry will be concerned too.
Good structures can better protect products, and excellent structures can make packaging look more dazzling and reduce costs.

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Packaging Artwork Design

Good packaging requires creative artwork design. It not only shows the information about the product to the customer but also attracts the customer's eyes through more unique designs.

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Sample Making

When the design is finished, we will make a sample first, the sample allows us to see the final effect before mass production, and it helps us avoid any design mistakes and modify it before production.

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Mass Production

Production is very important. The production of packaging boxes and bags needs to go through multiple steps of processing, and finally, become the boxes and bags you want. Each step must strictly control the quality and time to ensure that the production is completed in time and the quality is optimal.

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Shipping Service

The best freight forwarder in China maintains a long-term cooperative relationship with us. We provide DHL, UPS, FedEx, truck, train, air shipping, sea shipping, etc., and all kinds of transportation can provide door-to-door service.

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