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Green packaging concept and requirements

Green Package, also known as pollution-free Package and Environmental Friendly Package, refers to the Package that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and recycled, and is consistent with sustainable development. From the technical point of view, the whole life cycle of packaging should be considered in the design and positioning to meet the requirements of ecological environmental protection.


Establish and strengthen the concept of green packaging design

Producers and designers follow 3R1D principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Degradable) and environmentally friendly principles to carry on the design on the evaluation of the product life cycle. Life cycle assessment theory, life cycle assessment, LCA), on the basis of life cycle assessment, using a system engineering point of view put forward the idea of green packaging, the highest requirements, namely, packaging products from raw materials acquisition, materials processing, manufacturing, product use, waste recycling, the whole process until the final disposal are not dealing with human and environmental damage.

Starting from education is a direct and effective way to implant green design concepts and consumption concepts. In the final analysis, does humanity shape society and its future by teaching young people what, how, and why.

Consumers should support environmental protection and green packaging. Each of us is both a producer and a consumer, to strengthen the understanding of green packaging, aware of our own responsibility for environmental protection.

The design strategy of green packaging

The selection and use of materials shall be environmentally friendly

Choose materials suitable for green packaging as far as possible. First, materials that can be recycled and remanufactured, such as glass materials, metal materials, and paper products. Second, it is the material that can decay in nature, such as biosynthesis material, edible material, degradable material, etc. Thirdly, it is standard green packaging material, which can be incinerated after recycling, without causing pollution to the atmosphere, and the energy generated in the incineration process can be reused.

Choose non-toxic materials as far as possible: control the use of packaging and packaging materials in the toxic, harmful heavy metal, genus, and maximum element content. Use safety materials instead of restricted materials, such as PET instead of PVC, and PP instead of PS. Such as the printing ink alcohol ink, water-based ink, UV ink, and soybean oil ink instead of a stupid type of ink. Choose edible packaging materials, harmless and even beneficial to the human body, and with edible characteristics, its raw materials are some of the plant fiber and starch, such as candy packet glutinous rice paper, ice cream of the corn baking cup, package rice dumplings leaves.

Reduction design to reduce material consumption

Use as little packaging material as possible: use as little packaging material as possible while meeting its basic functions. Stylists cannot consider fashionable, high-end, atmosphere only, promote commodity value to cater to consumers, stylists should consider environmental protection factor adequately more, make a proposal proper choice between functional need and aesthetic demand.

Designed for disassembly, easy recovery, and reuse

Environmental and ecological considerations are taken into account when designing products and packaging, emphasizing the ease with which they can be dismantled, recycled, and reused after the end of their useful lives.


The promotion of green packaging design needs to rely on the power of the whole society. It requires the government to make decisions, formulate relevant green packaging laws and standards, and fulfill the responsibility of popularization and supervision. Needs the enterprise, the designer to take into account the environmental load, and advocate the green packaging design. It needs the participation of consumers. Through extensive publicity and promotion, everyone can build up the awareness of respecting resources and protecting the environment and support the recycling and recycling work of the government and enterprises. This environmental battle over packaging has a long way to go.

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