Introduction to A Custom Jewelry Boxes Project

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Jewelry is the expression of people’s aesthetic concepts, but also the symbol of personal identity. People in every country have different tastes in jewelry because of their different customs. How to properly show the value of jewelry is what a jewelry dealer needs to consider the problem, as the decorative custom jewelry boxes are particularly important at this time.


Project Introduction

In January 2020, we were commissioned by a Spanish customer to produce high-quality ring boxes and necklace boxes for their rings and necklaces packaging.

Industry: jewelry industry

Project time: January-February 2020

Project Details

Jewelry boxes Application: for rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Box type: lid and base box

Material: fancy paper, flocking, sponge, textured paper, grey board

External selection of fancy paper as the main production materials of the jewelry boxes, fancy paper is a very unique packaging paper, it has a different color for choice, and it can contain embossing. Therefore, the packaging box made of this material also has this characteristic.

The lining is made of flocking material. Soft flocking and sponges can play a good protective role on jewelry, which is essential for jewelry boxes.

Process: hot stamping, die-cut

The top and lining of the jewelry boxes have hot stamping LOGO, in addition, to increasing the beauty of the role of brand publicity.


An Episode in The Ring Boxes and Necklace Boxes Customization Process

During production, the quality inspection colleagues found some minor flaws in the logo. Although it may not matter to the customer, USEE adhered to the enterprise’s purpose of improving, the factory immediately stopped production, and a series of measures were taken to finally solve the problem.

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