A Custom Gift Chocolate Box Production Case Introduction

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Chocolate seems to have become the first choice for people to express their emotions and enjoy a good moment. However, in the mall, in the face of a variety of brands, consumers are difficult to choose. With so much to choose from, consumers are concerned not just with a box of edible chocolates, but with the extraordinary experience of seeing and tasting the whole box. At this time, the design of the chocolate packaging box is particularly important. A good design can not only enhance the value of the product but also catch the eye of consumers and prompt them to buy chocolate.

Packaging is the first step for customers to contact products, only good packaging can make customers interested in further understanding of products, so we based on years of experience, provide customers with unique and high-end chocolate packaging boxes.

Product overview:

  1. Project: chocolate box
  2. Quantity: 5,000pcs
  3. Material: 300gsm white paper
  4. Printing: CMYK printing
  5. Post-printing process: matt lamination, die-cutting, spot UV, hot stamping
  6. Packing: standard export carton

Product description:

The chocolate box is printed in black with a black background and coated with film on the printing substrate. In order to avoid the monotony of the box, the designer used a partial UV process on the surface of the box. Finally, the logo, the description, and the border are gilded. The overall look is both classy and creative.

In the production process, in order to ensure product quality, we do a lot of quality control work after each process, to ensure that the product printing, laminating, die-cutting, UV, and bronzing are no defects.

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