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As a product popular among consumers (especially female consumers), chocolate has its own unique concept in its product attributes, uses, target consumer groups, product propositions, and product concepts. Chocolate and candy are snack foods, Different from general snack foods. Chocolate packaging in Italy also needs to reflect the uniqueness of chocolate.

In the packaging, the chocolate packaging materials have certain restrictions, “Chocolate is made of cocoa liquid, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar, dairy products, and food additives, mixed, refined, refined, tempered, poured, frozen Processed in other processes, all solid components are dispersed between fats and oils, and the continuous phase of fats and oils becomes the skeleton of the constitution.” Due to such materials and processes, chocolate has relatively high requirements for temperature and humidity. At this time, the appearance of chocolate will disappear, and the skin may appear white, oily, etc. In addition, chocolate also easily absorbs other odors. So these require careful treatment of chocolate packaging materials.

What details should be paid attention to in chocolate packaging design

The performance of the packaged product mainly includes the product’s physical state, shape, strength, weight, structure, value, danger, etc. This is the first issue that should be considered when packaging.

  1. Product state. There are mainly solid, liquid, gaseous, mixed, etc., and different physical states have different packaging containers.
  2. Product appearance. There are mainly square, cylindrical, polygonal, special-shaped, etc., and their packaging should be designed according to the product’s shape and characteristics. It requires small packaging, good fixation, stable storage, and compliance with standardization requirements.
  3. Product strength. For products with low strength and susceptibility to damage, the protective performance of the packaging should be fully considered, and there should be obvious marks on the outside of the packaging.
  4. Product weight. For heavy products, special attention should be paid to the strength of the packaging to ensure that it is not damaged in circulation.
  5. Product structure. Different products often have different structures, some are not pressure-resistant, and some are afraid of impact. Only by fully understanding the product structure can different products be properly packaged.
  6. Product value. Different products vary greatly in value, and those with higher values ​​should focus on them.
  7. Product hazards. For flammable, explosive, toxic, and other dangerous products, to ensure safety, there should be precautions and specific marks on the outside of the package.

How to position the chocolate packaging design

What is our customer base?

Different customer groups have different personalities and hobbies. According to different personalities and hobbies, tailor-made different packaging designs will undoubtedly have better marketing effects.

When are our products sold?

According to the current trend and the life of product packaging, designers need to update the packaging in a timely manner. Otherwise, it will not keep up with the market and will be eliminated.

When are our products sold?

Products on different occasions, different regions, and different cultural habits, also need to properly position the chocolate packaging.

Why design this way?

This problem is actually a summary of the above design, and timely emphasizes the personality of your product. Only by specifying your own personality can you give the packaging life.

How to design chocolate packaging

Have your own design style and find the positioning of your product from the beginning.

Practical, choose the right materials, the best is the low cost of easy storage.

Choose a simple color scheme, don’t be too bells and whistles, just simple.

Choose a suitable size and design the most suitable chocolate packaging for the product.

Choose the appropriate font and layout, and cleverly design it into the packaging.

Have an unpacking experience and modify the chocolate packaging many times to achieve the best.

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